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Custom Handmade Primitive Bows

These are my personal bows.   Two are sinew-Three of my personal bows.

backed with rattlesnake skin covering.  I don't

know if I want to sell bows at this time. 

Please don't let me discourage any one from

attempting to make a bow, but I find making a

good bow one slow process in spite of what

the experts say!  


Handmade Hunting Arrows

Choice of feathers - striped natural wild                    Natural turkey feather fletching

turkey or die-cut, colored fletching.  Port

Orford cedar shaft.  Sorry, boys, I can't

get the accuracy from river cane that I

insist on in a hunting arrow.  I do have                

access to river cane shafts if anyone would                    Colored, die-cut fletching.

like them.

    Arrow with obsidian point $20 each.

    Arrow with steel point $15 each.


Obsidian Hunting Points

Obsidian hunting points knapped by me.These are not collector items, but good                 

honest hunting points knapped by me.  I put

one of these clean through a big doe with a

fifty pound sinew-backed static recurve at

twenty yards.    

    Averages 1 3/4" long 1" wide.

    $10 each, minimum order of two.


Custom Handmade Box Turkey CallsBox turkey call.

After thirty years of box turkey call making,

this is the one I have come to like best. 

The call in the picture is made with a

black walnut paddle and bottom, but

different wood combinations are available.

    Average dimensions  11"x1 9/16"x 1 1/2".

    Price  $35.

Custom Slate Turkey Calls - signed and dated.

A name can be added at no charge.  

                                         Rustic little slate call.

The neatest Little Rustic Slate Call you will see.  Made from

natural materials:  maple pot and maple striker,

Pennsylvania honed slate, brain-tanned deer skin

neck lanyard.

    Price $25.


The Old Standby slate call.

Old Standby Slate Call with maple pot and a tried-and-true              

corncob striker.

    Price $20.



Brain-tanned Deer Skin Quiver

The quiver in the picture is my personal                                 Quiver made of deer skin I personally brain-tanned and beaded.         

beaded quiver.  Some folks like them aged, that's

a fancy word for dirty.  I think they are pretty when nice

and white, but they can be smoked which waterproofs

them, but does change the color. 

    One like in the picture with beading at the top $150.


Arm Guard

Made from heavy oil tanned leather.  ApproximatelyMy personal arm guard. 

6 1/2" long x 6 1/2" wide tapering to 5 1/2".  Sizes

may vary slightly.  Six deer antler buttons, brain-tanned

lacing, deer antler keeper.  The one in the picture is dirty

having had four years of use!

    Price $20.